TGS and PGS in 3D multi-client survey offshore Canada

Norway-based seismic companies TGS and Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) have started Lewis Hills 3D multi-client phase 2 offshore East Canada.

Phase 2 includes the acquisition of 947 square kilometres of additional 3D data, tying into the existing project’s 2,811 square kilometres to create one dataset.

Source: PGS

The Lewis Hill 3D volume is located in the prospective Orphan Basin, with recent discoveries in the Flemish Pass and connecting further south to the productive Jeanne D’Arc Basin.

The companies expect to deliver final fully processed stacks by Q3 2022.

“The TGS and PGS joint venture continues to consistently provide the highest quality data ahead of scheduled licensing rounds – further strengthening our position in East Coast Canada”, said David Hajovsky, EVP of Western Hemisphere at TGS.

“Phase 2 of this project will provide additional contiguous 3D data coverage and enhance the geological understanding in the region, allowing clients to de-risk their exploration activities and investments”.

According to TGS, an expansive well log library and advanced multi-client interpretation products that will improve play, trend, and prospect delineation are available in the region.

“The Lewis Hills Phase 2 survey completes coverage between the Flemish Pass and Orphan Basin. GeoStreamer imaging technology supports the ongoing exploration drilling programs and this project will be key in enhancing understanding of the petroleum systems at play”, said Neil Paddy, VP North America at PGS.

Last month, TGS and PGS commenced the acquisition of the Cape Anguille 3D program offshore East Canada which covers existing lease blocks and open acreage in the prospective Orphan Basin.

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