TGS in new OBN survey off Norway

TGS has started a pioneering sparse ocean bottom node (OBN) survey in the Atlantic Margin off the coast of mid Norway.

This initial study phase is being conducted primarily to provide proof of concept ahead of anticipated further survey proposals to further highlight hydrocarbon potential in the region.

The OBN survey, conducted in collaboration with Polarcus, has been deployed to coincide with the acquisition of the TGS AM20 seismic survey at the same location to enhance efficiencies and combine the recorded OBN data with conventional 3D streamer data to improve imaging of sediments below complex volcanic deposits.

Rune Eng, executive vice president, International at TGS, stated: “With this study TGS intends to lead the way in providing the oil and gas industry in NW Europe with a cost-efficient OBN acquisition solution to both enhance geological understanding and refine velocity modeling within key license blocks.”

TGS is conducting similar surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, namely Amendment and Engagement.

Fast track results from last year’s Amendment sparse node program have already provided impressive imaging uplift and enhanced velocity accuracy, especially when combined with TGS’ proprietary Dynamic-Matching Full Wave Inversion (DM FWI) technology.

TGS continues to develop these technologies to resolve complex imaging challenges in other basins across the globe.