TGS to start new seismic shoot in Barents Sea

TGS, a marine seismic data acquisition specialist, will begin a new multi-client acquisition project in the Barents Sea soon. 

TGS said on Monday that the project, named Carlsen 3D (CAR17 3D), is a 5,490-square kilometer multi-client survey in open acreage located in the Southwest Barents Sea between the Tromsø and Sørvestnaget Basins.

Pre-Cretaceous targets are expected to be in the oil window within the Senja Ridge. Multi-level targets also exist within Cretaceous and Paleogene throughout the area – leads include rotated fault blocks and sand injectites. The survey will be acquired using a triple source to ensure laterally high density over these targets.

The acquisition is expected to begin in April 2017. Data processing will be performed by TGS using its Clari-Fi broadband technology to image the complex fault patterns in this prospective area.

Kristian Johansen, CEO for TGS, said: “Carlsen 3D will expand TGS’ data coverage in the Barents Sea where we have a strong track record of success. This project will provide modern, high quality seismic data to an area that is expected to be of high interest in upcoming licensing rounds.”

The company added that the Carlsen survey is supported by industry funding.