The Netherlands: Delivery of First Eddy Tug Expected in June 2014

First Eddy Tug to Arrive in June 2014

After an elaborate engineering and design process, the first EDDY TUG is due to be delivered in June 2014.

The entire engineering process, which was done in-house by EDDY TUG, resulting in a very well thought-out design that will bring some very attractive features to the ship-assist and towage market.

The EDDY TUG concept was established in 2008 by Baldo Dielen. Since then, the concept has undergone elaborate testing and fine-tuning. The result is a tug boat that is ready to face today’s challenges in the towage market.

Issues such as efficiency, safety and economy have been effectively addressed by incorporating features such as: hybrid propulsion, all-round fendering, making several watertight compartments in the hull, a tumblehome of 35o and a Kraaijeveld Safewinch.


The vessel, being truly double-ended, can be operated in any direction, without significant reductions in performance. A slender hull shape will lead to a reduction in drag, leads to fuel savings and higher transit speeds, up to 14 knots.

Vessel handling is very intuitive, which promotes more safety in operations..

With its unique propulsion arrangement, push and pull forces can be promptly provided in any direction. Also, when operating at speed, dynamic forces of twice the bollard pull can be generated. Therefore, an EDDY TUG is as effective as bow and stern tug.

 Propulsion system

Azimuthal Propulsion will be provided by two newly developed Schottel SRP 3000 thrusters making the EDDY TUG the first tugboat to incorporate these thrusters.

The power suppliers will be two 1610 kW Mitsubishi S16R main engines and two generators with 568 kWe capacity. In free sailing condition, the tug can easily reach a transit speed of 9-10 knots purely on its generators, leading to significant fuel and maintenance savings. When maximum power is needed, the electromotors “boost” the two main engines, providing a bollard pull of 65 ton.


Inside the deckhouse a spacious accommodation is provided for a complement of 7 persons in 5 cabins, all with en-suite sanitary facilities.

 Holland Shipyards

Holland Shipyards will be the shipyard to build the EDDY 30-65. Holland Shipyards is partner in EDDY TUG, thereby underlining its intentions to become an innovative player in the towage market.


Eddy Tug, November 6, 2013