The Netherlands: Groningen Shipyard Launches Sea-River Vessels for Wijnne Barends

The Netherlands - Groningen Shipyard Launches Sea-River Vessels for Wijnne Barends

Groningen Shipyard launched successfully number 3 from the series Sea-River vessels for Wijnne Barends, MV LADY ALEXANDRA. The vessel is the third in a series of 4 vessels. Because the design and performance of vessel and shipyard is so succesful Wijnne Barends and Groningen Shipyard are negotiating extension of the actual series by 4 more vessels.

In the current market this shows the succes and effectiveness of the deisgn. Mr Dirk Pol of Wijnne Barends stated in his speeach that within one year after contract the shipyard launched three vessels, delivered one already and is close to delivery of the second.

The design of the vessel is fuel efficient and believed to be todays best economical solution for short sea shipping. Combined in the design is a high payload with a low installed main engine power ensuring a speed of approx 10 knots and low fuel oil consumption. The requested sailing area, the vessel will sail European coastal waters but had also to be able to sail the rivers Rhine and Seine and pas the locks of the Trollhattan canal in Sweden, asked for special attention in the design.

Incorporated is a movable wheelhouse, a tunnel-shaped aftship, an efficiency improving nozzle and a bulbous bow. Building on a Dutch shipyard ensures building speed and quality.

Source: Groningen Shipyard, March 12, 2012