The Netherlands: H2M Defines The Future of Accommodation Modules

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Offshore accommodation specialist H2M has unveiled a range of new, lightweight 2-, 4- and 8-man sleeper modules for use on marine installations.

Built around a unique aluminium structure, the 15ft, 33ft and 40ft modules deliver a significant reduction in mass, without compromising the durability of the unit, the safety of personnel, or the size of the living quarters and amenities.

On the contrary, H2M’s modules are packed with innovative solutions that raise the bar on build quality, energy efficiency, and workforce comfort. The Lloyds-approved units satisfy stringent oil and gas industry safety regulations and come with the expected fire and emergency features – along with an A60 rating – as standard. Additional bespoke design features are available for more demanding working environments and Zone 1 approval, where required.

H2M’s Managing Director Graham Mapes explained: “We’re a new company entering a niche market with a direct challenge to some of the outmoded conventions of offshore accommodation. Our personal experiences in the offshore industry were important to the conception, design and fabrication of these new modules, which together address many of the common criticisms of existing facilities”.

Graham and CEO Jacco van Eerde personally oversaw the development of the modules from initial drawings to final roll-out, ensuring that the materials and workmanship met field-proven safety qualifications, sound environmental credentials and ease of maintenance. With its non-corrosive alumnium structure, the H2M solution allows more modules and personnel to be housed on board, with a smaller overall weight ratio.

H2M’s modules may be lightweight, but their concept certainly isn’t. This new generation of offshore modules looks set to become the temporary accommodation of choice in the coming months.


Source: H2M,  March 23, 2011;


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