The Netherlands: LNG Greenrhine Wins KNVTS Ship of the Year Award 2013

The Netherlands: LNG Greenrhine Wins KNVTS Ship of the Year Award 2013

Staff and managers at Alewijnse Marine Systems are celebrating the success of the first of twin innovative LNG Greenstream tankers at the 16th Maritime Awards Gala that took place on the 31st of October 2013.

The award of the KNVTS Ship of the Year Award to the Greenstream tanker marks the fifth year in a row that an Alewijnse project has won a major award at the annual event.

The vessel was built by Peters Shipyards, Kampen, and Alewijnse was responsible for the entire electrical installation on board, including the systems that control and regulate the LNG-fuelled generators. The 110m Greenstream is the first commercial inland vessel to use LNG-electric propulsion.

Alewijnse designed and installed a propulsion system based around four LNG-powered gensets by Sandfirden, capable of generating 285 kW each. These supply electrical power to the two propulsion engines as well as to the associated electrical infrastructure. However, at the heart of the system lies a special DC bus designed by Alewijnse and supplied by a maximum of four generators through an AC/DC converter.

This allows the generators to run at different speeds simultaneously, giving greater flexibility and greater fuel economy.

They also do not require synchronisation, thereby delivering power just a few seconds after one of more additional units are brought on line, even before they reach their nominal speed.

“We are delighted that the awards committee recognised the capabilities of the Greenstream and her state-of-the-art systems,” said Jan Oud, Managing Director of Alewijnse Noord. “This was very much unexplored territory for all those in the development partnership, but the challenges were overcome. The result is proof that LNG-electric inland vessels have a bright future ahead with their ability to meet the low emissions targets prevalent on inland waterways.”

The second vessel was delivered in the summer of 2013. Both are chartered by Shell and operated by Interstream Barging on the Rhine.

LNG World News Staff, November 04, 2013; Image: Peters