The Netherlands: Vripack Designs Heavy Duty Ribbon Offshore

Vripack Designs Heavy Duty Ribbon Offshore

Vripack, together with Ribbon Yachts, is designing a 43ft supply vessel together with Ribbon Yachts in the Netherlands. And by looking at the correct proportions between line and surface, one can easily see that the design of the agile and modern Ribbon 45 SC is the foundation for the sturdy Ribbon Offshore.

Vripack’s challenge is to fit all their practical knowledge into this perfect design without having to make any concessions. To accomplish this task, close collaboration with Ribbon Yachts takes place. This will result in a strong design with the most practical size and ergonomic layout in which the characteristics of the Ribbon 45 SC will be kept as much as possible.

The Ribbon Offshore is a compact fast supply vessel. The design is suitable for multiple purposes such as transporting crew and small supplies to and from container ships in anchor zones, offshore wind farms and offshore multi tasking. Besides that, this little bruiser can also be used as a pilot-boat, survey vessel, coast guard or salvage and rescue vessel.

The strong vacuum injected composite hull will give the Ribbon Offshore an extremely high-tech and stiff structure, suitable for heavy seas. Apart from that this 43 footer is carried out with a solid workboat construction and a sub frame in order to protect her crew. The superstructure is provided with a widened hip and a huge amount of glass, creating a spacious feeling and the dominating and powerful look she needs for the job.

The Ribbon Offshore is equipped with a flat 360 degree deck including anti slip and live rail allowing anyone to get on and off board safely at any desired position. The Ribbon Offshore uses the same underwater body as the Ribbon 45 SC, which has very suitable sea going characteristics and makes this bruiser fast, easy manoeuvrable and extremely comfortable at sea.

Like the Ribbon 45 SC the Ribbon Offshore has a fully equipped helm and navigation cockpit which is located in the middle of the yacht, leaving enough space for 10 passengers besides the captain and the navigator. In order to maximize comfort, the complete steering and passenger area is placed on shock absorbers in order to minimize the impact of waves.

Inside, the Ribbon Offshore is provided with a large storage area in the front. On the lower deck the Ribbon Offshore comes with a private toilet, large lockers and a serviceable seating area.

The Ribbon Offshore is water jet powered by two Cummins 600 HP engines, which are controlled by the vector stick control system providing easy docking and maneuverability with very tight turning circles and super fine control in narrow quarters.


World Maritime News Staff, December 11, 2012