The Underwater Centre Expands ROV Training

Fort William-based subsea training and testing facility, The Underwater Centre, has added the FMC Schilling TITAN 4 syllabus to its current ROV training suite.

According to TUC, the course familiarises candidates with all major components of the TITAN T4 manipulator and provides system operation and routine maintenance procedures.

The Centre has adapted the course to offer operational practice through specific activities designed to give candidates familiarity with the manipulator in use.

There will be multiple deliveries of the course throughout the year and it is included in the Centre’s seven-week Premium ROV Course. The two-day course will be integrated into the ROV Tooling module and offered as a stand-alone option as well.

The FMC Schilling Manipulator was donated to the Centre by Fugro and upgraded by FMC Schilling Robotics from a TITAN 3 to a TITAN 4.

Steven Cullen, The Underwater Centre’s ROV operations manager, said: “What it means for industry is that there is now a second option for ROV personnel to train on the T4, in accordance with the official syllabus from FMC Schilling Robotics.

“For work class operations, the effective use of the T4 is as vital as piloting skills and traditionally has been over-looked as a requisite competency for effective operations. The Underwater Centre offers both a technical/engineering element to this type of training and an opportunity for personnel to develop those vital operational skills needed.”