The Underwater Centre offers Bolt Tensioning course

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Leading subsea training and trials facility, The Underwater Centre, has added a new course to its commercial air diving (CAD) offering, in response to the needs identified by industry.

The Underwater Centre offers Bolt Tensioning courseThe ‘Introduction to Bolt Tensioning’ course will make an important and strong addition to the students’ CVs, furthering the range of tools and skills training they experience while on courses.

The course, which will be included in all the diving packages – Premium, Construction and Standard – has been made possible by the donation of equipment by The Mechanical Services Department of Stork, highlighting that the subsea industry recognises the importance of giving students the right training for the job.

‘Introduction to Bolt Tensioning’ provides students with the knowledge and understanding of working with and using bolt tensioning equipment, which they can then use in their job – whether on the surface or underwater.

Diving contractors and subsea operators need well trained and competent subsea personnel; the courses at the Centre are designed to ensure that when students qualify as commercial divers they are effective in their role and able to gain competency on the job as quickly as possible.

Steve Ham, The Underwater Centre’s General Manager, said: “The courses we deliver at the Centre have been tailored to meet industry needs and this addition to the commercial diving courses is a perfect example of this.

“Through constant collaboration and support with organisations in the sector, we are able to provide the skills required when our graduates go into employment. With the help of Alan Melia, formerly of Stork, we were able to develop the ‘Introduction to Bolt Tensioning course’.

“The training courses we provide are constantly evolving as the industry evolves and requires new skills of its workforce; this latest addition will hopefully go some way to address these needs.”

Chris Barratt, Senior Mechanical Instructor of Stork, said: “At the Stork Centre of Excellence for Mechanical Training in Aberdeen, we understand the oil and gas industry is prone to change, and so must the training and competency of individuals in order to execute approved methods safely in the field.

“As one of the leading training suppliers for industry approved training courses, Stork are delighted to be collaborating with The Underwater Centre in developing and integrating higher levels of Subsea (MJI) Mechanical Joint Integrity Courses for delegates to gain the necessary underpinning knowledge, before they set out in their commercial diving careers.”

Both the Premium Industry and Construction Career Packages provide training in the statutory components of the Health and Safety Executive’s commercial diving curriculum, as well as training in the use of subsea tools and practical exercises in carrying out construction and maintenance tasks underwater such as subsea welding and cutting, and rigging and slinging operations.

The Premium Industry Package also includes training in subsea inspection techniques: a vital skill to have when working offshore.

Diving provides an excellent career choice, with many benefits, including job satisfaction and good earning potential. 85% of the Centre’s students are working within three months of graduating, with some students landing a job within a week.

The Underwater Centre is a purpose built training facility which incorporates an extensive pier complex including four dive stations, classrooms, workshops and decompression chambers.

With accommodation and additional classrooms based at the landward end of the pier, The Underwater Centre is set up to provide its students with the skills and experience to succeed in their new careers, and continue providing the subsea industry with the workforce that it needs.


Press Release, April 22, 2014

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