UK partnership paves way for future renewable energy workforce

EDF Renewables UK, DP Energy and Pembrokeshire College have joined forces to deliver a course set to prepare Welsh students for future jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Destination Renewables will educate students about renewable energy technologies,​ including wave, tidal, solar, and offshore and onshore wind energy, as well as associated project development processes.

Source: DP Energy/EDF Renewables

The two-year course has been designed to raise awareness, transfer real-world sector knowledge and inform career journeys for 16-18-year-olds, the parties stated.

The collaboration is expected to help bridge the skills gap and showcase the diverse range of careers within the sector while supporting net-zero targets and maximising regional benefits.

To remind, EDF Renewables UK and DP Energy are developing the Gwynt Glas floating offshore wind project off the coast of Pembrokeshire in the Celic Sea, which could have up to 1 GW of capacity.

“By introducing learners to the many career pathways within renewables we believe we can build the workforce needed to support projects like Gwynt Glas and DP Energy’s wider ambitions in Wales including tidal, onshore wind, solar, batteries and hydrogen,” said Chris Williams, head of Development UK and New Markets at DP Energy.

“Having this skill base is crucial for Wales to maintain its position as a leader in renewable energy generation and technology development and is knowledge that can be exported across the world.”

Destination Renewables is underpinned by the Skills and Talent programme of the Swansea Bay City Deal, jointly funded by the Welsh and UK Governments, alongside private sector investment.

The first cohort of 40 students in the Destination Renewables programme will begin their studies in September.

Following on from the first year pilot, DP Energy and EDF anticipate that the college can offer the course to a wider cohort of students to attract skills and talent from all disciplines.

The two companies will have a hands-on role in delivering the learning programme alongside other delivery partners, as well as providing mentoring opportunities to students in the second year of the course programme.

“With an increasing focus on tackling climate change and securing energy supplies, renewable technologies have to be developed and rolled out quickly, and we need to build a skilled workforce to deliver our plans,” said EDF Renewables’ Nancy McLean.

“The partnership with Pembrokeshire College helps us to develop homegrown talent and meets the Welsh Government’s aspirations to develop green skills to achieve net zero. In addition to developing the Gwynt Glas floating offshore wind project, EDF Renewables UK is investing in onshore wind, solar, and battery projects right across Wales, so future career opportunities are plentiful.”

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