Ultra Deep Solutions Receives DSCV Lichtenstein

Shipbuilding company China Merchants Heavy Industries (CMHI) has officially delivered the diving support construction vessel (DSCV) Lichtenstein to Singapore-based Ultra Deep Solutions.

The 120.8 meters long Lichtenstein is equipped with JFD LEXMAR built 18 man twin bell saturation system for depth down to 300 meter. The vessel has its own moonpool, an air diving system, and fitted with 1 work class and 1 observation remotely operated vehicle with LARS.

The vessels was built to a new Marin Teknikk MT6024 DSCV design with diesel electric frequency controlled propulsion, azimuth thrusters, dynamic positioning system and 140t offshore cranes (3,000m water depth). A platform deck of 1,300 m2 space is suitable for wellhead servicing, inspection and construction diving and ROV support.

The new vessel, which can accommodate up to 130 personnel including 30 crew members, will be managed by the V.Ships Offshore Singapore office.