University of Limerick Acquires Fully-Equipped Marine ROV for EUR 2.1 Million

Aberdeen company Forum Energy Technologies and Paris-based iXBlue have won contracts from the University of Limerick for the delivery of marine remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems for subsea applications in offshore wind or similar infrastructure. 

The total value of awarded contracts is EUR 2,083,947.

The university invited tenders for the delivery of marine ROV systems in May 2016.

The tender was split in three lots, with the first one marked for an ROV vehicle suitable for renewable energy sites, equipped with thrusters, control systems, power systems, camera and lighting systems, hydraulic systems, manipulator systems, ROV cabling, umbilical winch for free swimming operation, pilot control cabin, etc.

Lot 2 concerned a navigation system, consisting of an inertial navigation system (INS) with aiding sensors (DVL, Pressure sensor, GPS, USBL, LBL), installed, calibrated and tested on the aforementioned base ROV.

Under Lot 3, the university required a Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) and a Tether Management System (TMS) suitable for the base vehicle.

The ROV system will be housed at Limerick Docks where ROV systems experimentation, testing and demonstration will be carried out. For offshore operations with the ROV, the system will be mobilised from Limerick port or alternatively can be transported to other ports by truck for mobilising aboard ship.

The Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre (MMRRC) at the University of Limerick is a collaborating lab within MaREI, Marine & Renewable Energy Ireland. The MMRRC focus within MaREI is R&D in the area of operations support engineering for MRE including ROV operations for inspection and intervention on MRE infrastructure, dealing with the prevailing sea conditions and extending the conditions (sea state, current, etc.) in which operations can proceed.