USA: Aquabotix Announces Availability of HydroView ROV


Aquabotix, a marine technology company bringing the accessibility of consumer electronics products to the complex world of underwater video, today announced the availability of the Aquabotix HydroView, an affordable and easy-to-use remote-operated underwater vehicle that instantly beams a high definition video back to the surface.

Controlled wirelessly with an iOS tablet, smartphone or any laptop, the HydroView shoots full 1080p HD video and still images, while users intuitively navigate the depths simply by tilting the wireless device and controlling speed and video commands via the touch screen.

For some, the HydroView will be an addictively fun way to enjoy the ocean and see what lies beneath. For others it will offer a valuable tool for underwater inspection of vessels and structures, expand the classroom to view undersea life, or explore the depths during fishing or diving trips. Complete with on-board LED lights to provide added visibility in low-light conditions, the HydroView travels at up to five knots forward and one knot in reverse while shooting video or capturing still images and simultaneously collecting data on water conditions from up to 150 feet deep. Users can then easily share their experience with friends online or create unique deliverables for student presentations, a take-away for charter guests or first-person inspection reports.

The HydroView communicates wirelessly from the user’s handheld device to the HydroView’s top-side box, which is in-turn connected to the submersible via a cable tether. Aquabotix has plans to diversify the HydroView lineup to include varying vessel specifications and accessory packages, but this initial offering, the HydroView Sport, comes standard with a 75 foot cable and battery pack that powers up to three hours of underwater exploration. Aquabotix also offers fully customizable cable lengths for added range. Designed as a compact solution for shipboard stowage, the HydroView measures just 14.6x19x7 inches and weighs nine pounds. All components fit easily in to the provided waterproof, hard travel case when not in use.

“Every kid dreams of exploring the oceans but few of us truly experience life under the sea. Now, with the HydroView, if you can operate an iPad you can ply the depths like Jacques Cousteau,” said Durval Tavares, President & CEO of Aquabotix. “Whether you are a charter boat owner looking to entertain your guests, a commercial captain looking to confirm vessel conditions below the waterline or a first responder looking for a quick and safe way to survey a submerged scene, the HydroView delivers a safe and dry, up-close experience with the underwater world.”

Aquabotix Technology Corporation, located in southern New England, is a privately-funded developer of consumer and commercial products for underwater observation and exploration endeavoring to change the way people interact with the underwater world. Aquabotix’s flagship offerings, the HydroView remote operated submersible vehicle and the AquaLens underwater viewing system, employ the latest technology to enable users to comfortably explore beneath the waves from the comfort and safety of topside.

Subsea World News Staff, May 31, 2012; Image: Aquabotix