USA: SeaBotix Delivers CDS to Oceaneering International

Bolt Technology Corporation announced that its subsidiary, SeaBotix Inc. of San Diego, California, has sold and delivered a SeaBotix Containerized Delivery System (CDS) to the Advanced Technologies Division of Oceaneering International, Inc.

The SeaBotix CDS platform is the world’s first rapid-response, fully self-contained, single-point pick system capable of operating remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s), marine sampling devices, sonar systems, and many other marine technologies up to 4,000 meters deep.

As part of the total CDS solution, a complete control room is incorporated into the container with multiple monitors, workspace, ample storage, redundant HVAC, and a power distribution system. This allows the system to be safely and easily operated by two persons from vessels of opportunity as small as 40 meters.

Raymond M. Soto, Bolt’s Chairman and CEO, commented, “We are pleased to have delivered this system to Oceaneering and we look forward to providing these CDS systems to support many types of applications for ROV’s as well as other marine solutions. We are also excited about the opportunity to support Oceaneering International with the entire line of SeaBotix products.”

Bolt Technology Corporation is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of marine seismic data acquisition equipment, used principally for offshore oil and natural gas exploration, and remotely- operated robotic vehicles systems used for a variety of underwater tasks.

Subsea World News Staff , March 06, 2012;  Image: SeaBotix