USA: Veson Nautical Announces New Version of IMOS

USA - Veson Nautical Announces New Version of IMOS

Veson Nautical announced IMOS7, the company’s latest version of its Integrated Maritime Operations System.

This marks a major improvement from v6. The new version delivers client-driven features designed to meet today’s top business priorities and prepare for tomorrow’s working environment. Upgrading from previous versions is made easy with the enhanced platform installer. IMOS7 is available today and already in use in over forty major installations.

“Until now, we’ve looked at how to automate current maritime business practices. IMOS7 begins to answer the question ‘How will we need to work tomorrow?’” said John D. Veson, President of Veson Nautical. “We believe that the answer involves an active and supportive user community within each customer’s organization, where people constantly share real-time information. IMOS7 is designed for exactly this type of collaboration.”

IMOS is built around the way people work, with core modules for chartering, operations, financials, and trading that capture data and share it with accounting and administrative systems for a single, integrated view. IMOS7 features a new platform designed to enhance the user experience; increase depth and support for business operations; and heighten reporting and analytical capabilities. IMOS’ flexible platform makes it compatible with most third party enterprise software tools, enabling it to be a true business intelligence tool.

Each of the core modules – Chartering, Trading, Operations and Financials – has been strengthened in IMOS7, driven by the needs of customers using the system.

New Trading and Chartering Module features include:

• Benchmark Pricing – streamline the cargo mark to market process and enable dynamic selection of minimum or maximum exposure based on daily market conditions

• Cargo Matching – improve power and speed in identifying the best vessels for a cargo and the best cargos for a vessel

New Operations and Financials Module features include:

• P&L Variance Reporting – provides daily variance reports that highlight voyage P&L deviations based on user specified tolerances

• Voyage Accrual Options – provides more control over the month end process by introducing new accrual calculation models

• North America ECA Zones –adds support for North American low sulfur zones to assists voyage planning and operation

• LNG Bunker Curves and Consumption Tracking – addresses the growth in LNG shipping with enhanced modeling and tracking of LNG fuel consumption


Source: Veson Nautical, August 15, 2012