Vallianz buys Ulstein-designed PSVs

Vallianz Holdings Limited, an integrated offshore marine solutions provider in the offshore oil and gas industry, will be boosting its fleet capabilities with the addition of platform supply vessels of Ulstein P128 and PX128 designs.

Vallianz buys Ulstein-designed PSVs

Two Ulstein P128 vessels have been acquired and will be delivered within the next 6 to 12 months as part of the planned expansion programme of 24 vessels as announced by Vallianz in April 2014. Separately, an addition of ten PX128 vessels will be added to the Vallianz fleet subsequently.

These additional 10 PX128 vessels will be jointly developed with Ulstein Asia Pte Ltd with strong involvement from Vallianz.

Darren Yeo, Chief Executive Officer of Vallianz: “I look forward to the addition of the Ulstein P128 PSVs to our existing fleet of vessels. The Ulstein P128 vessels combine low fuel consumption with high carrying capacity. The vessels are diesel-powered, equipped with dynamic positioning and include automation systems for machinery and cargo handling that will contribute to safe and efficient vessel operations.”

“Ulstein is delighted to partner together with Vallianz and we are confident that together with Vallianz, we would be able to provide vessels which will provide superior environmental and economic performance,” said Mr. Gunnar Haug, Managing Director of Ulstein Asia Pte Ltd. “Embarking on a new small-to-medium PSV market, Ulstein’s design criteria has been to develop a PSV that could support barges and rigs in a more economical way than the traditional offshore support vessel, both in terms of building cost and operational costs. The result is a Diesel-Electric PSV that will outperform many traditional PSV’s in terms of low fuel oil consumption and high cargo capacity.”

Yeo concluded, “Vallianz is currently bidding for up to US$1.2 billion in projects across Asia, Middle East and Latin America. With the addition of these Ulstein PSVs, Vallianz will be in a position to potentially capitalise on new opportunities in new regions such as Europe, Gulf of Mexico and Africa. We are setting our sights on new markets and in this regard, are continuing to deepen management bandwidth and vessel capabilities.”


Press Release, May 23, 2014


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