Vemex Inaugurates New CNG Station in Pilsen

Vemex Inaugurates New CNG Station in Pilsen

Vemex opened a new compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Czech Town Pilsen on Chebská street, at the Czech Post campus.

This station offers same quality standard for customers as any station for refueling with petrol or diesel. The station can serve about 10 cars per hour.

These are good news for motorists in the Pilsen region. In comparison with other regions, such as Central Bohemia, Moravia and Prague, where 6-7 stations are already in operation, there are currently just two CNG stations in the Pilsen region.

Vemex is one of the leaders in the construction of public CNG filling stations in the Czech Republic, says its marketing director Hugo Kysilka. This year the company plans to open at least another 10 to 20 stations. “The current supply of conventional fuels is expanded by an alternative which is environmentally friendly and significantly reducing operating costs in transport. There are 20-25 CNG million vehicles worldwide,” Kysilka adds.

There are now more than 6.700 CNG vehicles, which is about two thousand more than last year and by the end of 2014 it could be almost 90 public CNG stations in the Czech Republic. The most common rationale for buying a CNG vehicle is a significant reduction in operational costs. CNG price is about half of gasoline or diesel fuel,”says Jan Ruml, executive director of the Czech Gas Association.

Currently, the Czech Republic has 53 public filling stations with CNG. Within five years, the number of stations will be tripled. Moreover, motorists use at least 110 home filling stations. The stations are created not only individually, but also directly at petrol stations Benzina, with the company expecting to increase its network to about 40 CNG filling stations. CNG consumption in the Czech Republic in 2013 has increased by 44 percent.

Press Release, March 5, 2014

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