VIDEO: Annex IV webinar on marine renewables test centers

Annex IV has hosted the webinar that featured discussions on marine renewable energy test centers and environmental effects research.

The webinar discussed current environmental research efforts focused around marine renewable energy test centers and what is being planned for the future test centers.

It also featured discussions about PMEC, EMEC, NNMREC and bimep, among others.

The speakers at the webinar included Sarah Henkel from Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC), and Jennifer Norris from European Marine Energy Ceter (EMEC).

The Annex IV project is an international collaborative project among member nations of the International Energy Association’s Ocean Energy Systems (OES).

The goal of Annex IV is to examine the environmental effects of marine energy devices and environmental research studies from around the world and disseminate information to marine energy researchers, regulators, developers, and stakeholders.

Video: Tethys; Image: NNMREC/Illustration