VIDEO: ISWEC device in operation

Wave for Energy, a Turin-based wave energy developer, has released a video showcasing their ISWEC wave energy converter operating in real-sea conditions.

ISWEC device was deployed off Sicily, Italy, in August this year.

The system has overall dimensions of 8 m width, 15 m length and 4.5 m height, a draft of 3.2 m that emerges 1.3 m from the sea surface.

ISWEC device is designed as a sealed hull that uses a gyroscopic system to exploit wave’s slopes to produce energy.

The system works when the hull oscillations caused by the movement of waves induce the rotation of the gyroscope platform. The rotation is then converted to electricity by the power generator.

The system is moored at a distance of about 800 m from the shore and at 35 m depth in the northwest side of Pantelleria island.

Wave for Energy plans to connect ISWEC to the electricity grid by the last week of January, 2016.

Video: Wave for Energy