VIDEO: KymoGen wave energy device

KymoGen is pushing forward with the development of their wave energy device, with the first unit scheduled for completion in July 2015.

The water testing should follow immediately after the construction work is done.

The production units are expected to be completed in September, and the installations are estimated to take place by August 2016, the company’s press release reads.

The daily estimated power output of the KymoGen wave energy device is between 25 to 100 kW/h.

The Kymogen device is an offshore platform that is tetherd to a mooring system. The platform rises against an incoming wave, pulling the mooring tether. When the wave passes, the platform returns to its initial position, in preparation for the next wave.

The mooring tether is attached to a drive system inside of the KymoGen unit.

When the mooring tether is pulled, it spins a flywheel, storing the energy, which allows KymoGen to output a consistent level of power between waves.

Take a look at the video describing how KymoGen wave energy device operates.

Image: KymoGen