VIDEO: Protean wave energy converter

The Protean system comprises a point-absorber wave energy converter buoy which floats on the water surface and extracts the energy from waves.

The device achieves this by the extension and retraction of a tether to its anchoring weight on the sea bed.

The Protean WEC converts the energy of waves from all six degrees of wave movement.

Protean WEC works when wave moving past the buoy causes the buoy to move in a circular manner. As the buoy moves, the counterweights also move, continuously lengthening and shortening mooring cables, which cause the pulleys to rotate.

As the pulleys rotate, shaft power is created and using electric, hydraulic or water pump – the wave energy is converted into a usable form. The pulleys can rotate in any direction according to the motion of waves.

The electricity produced is then transmitted to shore via cables running along the ocean floor. The Protean WEC has been trialled at a 1.5 metre wide scale in the sea off Perth.

Stonehenge Metals Ltd has entered into into a binding option agreement with Protean Energy Limited to acquire Protean Energy Australia Pty Ltd, which holds the intellectual property titles, rights and licenses to the Protean Wave Energy Converter Technology, acquiring a 24-month license for Protean’s technology.

The company has announced they are finalizing the design of the demonstration units, and the fabrication is expected to start in Q2 2015.

The company aims to use the demonstration units to showcase Protean WEC’s wave farm capabilities.

Take a look at the video of scaled Protean WEC under sea trials.

Source/Image: Protean Wave Energy