Video: QED Naval’s Subhub tidal platform development

The video shows the capabilities and design tools used in the development of QED Naval’s Subhub tidal foundation structure.

The video also features the model tank testing used to validate the design tools and validation of the extreme wave and tidal load testing in the Flowave Ocean Energy test tank.

It presents the larger operations model which was used to validate the stability of the structure in the transit and dive conditions. Furthermore, the model was used to test all the ballast system and instrumentation control system.

Also, QED Naval used the operations model for sheltered water testing to define the installation method, and conduct towing trials, which was then followed by open water testing.

The Subhub tidal platform is designed to commission, test, transport, install, and secure a mini array of wave and tidal turbines to the seabed.

The platform was officially named Kraken at a ceremony held on March 9, 2017, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where it has been fabricated by the engineering company Cimpina.

Subhub tidal platform is scheduled to undergo a pahsed set of sea trials starting this year at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).

The first phase of testing at EMEC involvies the installation and recovery trials at EMEC’s Shapinsay Sound scale tidal test site using replica turbines and equipment.

It will be followed by the integration of Schottel Hydro’s SIT-250 turbines to provide Subhub with a capacity of 190kW, capable of powering 50 homes, according to QED Naval.

To remind, QED Naval was one of the developers backed by an EU-funded FORESEA initiative back in November 2016.

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