VIDEO: The Rance Tidal Power Station

The Rance Tidal Power Station is the world’s first tidal power station that has been producing electricity from tidal energy since 1966.

The facility is located on the estuary of the Rance River, in Brittany, France.

Opened on November 26, 1966, it is currently operated by EDF, and has the capacity of 240 MW, generated by its 24 turbines.

By building a barrage, a reservoir is created. Operating in both directions, the barrage creates a difference in the height levels of the water, which can pass through the turbines twice (during the incoming and outgoing tidal flows).

The barrage is 750 m long, with the power plant portion of the dam of 332.5 m. The tidal basin measures 22.5 km2.

The plant was built over the period of six years.

The annual electricity generation of the Rance power station amounts to 540 GWh, the equivalent to the consumption of the city with the population of over 200.000 people.

Take a look at the video of the Rance Tidal Power Station.

Sources: Tethys/EDF; Image: EDF