Weathernews to Navigate Maersk’s Vessels

Danish shipping companies Maersk Line and Maersk Tankers have signed a three-year contract with Japan-headquartered weather company Weathernews that covers weather routing services, port forecasts and other weather-driven risk communication services.

Operating from five global operations centers, Weathernews is to provide continuous monitoring and communication year-round twenty-four hours a day to Maersk vessels for safety and bunker saving purposes, according to the company.

“Maersk Line has undertaken several strategic initiatives to enable world class bunker efficiency for our fleet and reduce carbon footprint. We want the frontline to take ownership to optimize bunker usage by providing them with the right tools and systems. Weather plays a critical role both from a safety as well as a performance perspective,” Niels Bruus, Maersk Line’s Head of Fleet Performance, points out.

“Expertise from Weathernews will assist us in ensuring that our vessels use the minimum possible fuel on any given route between ports by reducing the impact of weather delays at sea and ports along with improving safety of vessels, crew onboard and cargo our ships carry around the world,” Bjarne Foldager, Maersk Tankers’ Global Head of Operations, comments.

In June 2015, Weathernews established a new Voyage Planning Service Center in Copenhagen to cater the needs of the European shipping industry.