WFS Introduces Contactless Power Solution for Recharging Underwater, UK

WFS Introduces Contactless Power Solution for Recharging Underwater, UK

WFS Technologies, global leader in the delivery of subsea wireless instrumentation and control solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas and Renewables industries, launches a subsea wireless power solution to complement their existing range of subsea wireless controllers, modems and dataloggers.

The WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) solution enables contactless recharging or powering of equipment in demanding offshore environments, avoiding wet mate/stab connections at depth and reducing electrical failure. The power can be delivered by ROV, so the equipment can be charged without being raised to the surface. The solution can also incorporate high-speed wireless data communications if required.

With power transfer capability between 10 W – 3 kW and power transfer efficiency up to 90%, at distances up to 30cm, WPT can deliver value in applications such as;

– Subsea Sensors: WPT can be used to recharge “sealed for life” sensors reducing maintenance as no battery will ever need to be replaced

– Autonomous Vehicles: WPT can extend deployment length by providing power in situ rather than surfacing a vehicle to connect and recharge

– Subsea Equipment: WPT can provide an emergency power supply to a failed underwater system and due to elimination of cables can provide power to moving or rotating machinery such as a slip ring or subsea turbine

WPT is tolerant to the harsh environment and power transfer efficiency will not be affected by turbidity or contaminants. WPT can be used both independently or to back up standard pin connectors underwater. Recharging underwater is simplified and battery maintenance removed, uptime is maximised and without the need for wet mate connection, the risk of failure or damage to connectors is greatly reduced.

Press Release, April 26, 2013