WFS Launches Seatooth Video, Improved Subsea Wireless Video Camera

WFS has announced the launch of Seatooth Video, the new improved edition of its subsea wireless video camera.

WFS Launches Seatooth Video, Improved Subsea Wireless Video Camera

Seatooth Video is an upgraded version of WFS’ previous Viewtooth® product. The subsea wireless video camera is enhanced with the latest Seatooth S300 technology and exceeds the underwater wireless video streaming capabilities so far known in the subsea industry.

Seatooth Video removes the need for a second monitoring ROV and is the ideal solution for subsea construction and IRM activities. It provides a second perspective on complex tasks, and helps ensure that operations are completed ‘right first time’ without the risk of ROV umbilical snags. The camera is capable of providing wireless video streaming at a range of up to 4.5m, at 4000m water depth, in H.264 CIF (352×288) with up to 10 frames-per-second. The control module integrates with ROV Ethernet port and the output files are .asf format. The wireless video system also integrates with other standard subsea cameras, and an optional primary battery may last up to 10 year in standby mode.

Seatooth Video ON/OFF mode is controlled by an ROV mounted Seatooth S300, by an internal real time clock or an external trigger (digital input to video). Options include wireless network control of external lights and an external antenna with lead for up to 6m range.

Seatooth Video reduces the time required to complete hot stabs and other complex operations and provides a remote monitoring of subsea equipment and inspections. Seatooth Video is the perfect tool to be applied in monitoring subsea deployment, intervention and recovery, in monitoring complex maintenance and repair projects, in ROV pilot training, in quality control and decommissioning-monitoring P&A of subsea wells.

Seatooth Video is available in three versions: Fixed Perspective with integrated lights, Pan-Tilt-Zoom enabling wide area coverage and the ability to zoom in on detail, and the third option of plugging in a third-party subsea camera.

Press Release, May 14, 2014