WFS Launches Seatooth WiPS to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Pipeline Commissioning

WFS Launches Seatooth WiPS to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Pipeline Commissioning

WFS announces a new wireless solution comprising Seatooth® technology pre-integrated with subsea instrumentation in an off-the-shelf tool. This first integrated wireless solution in the new family of solutions is specifically for wireless pressure monitoring of pipes and will reduce costs of pipeline commissioning/monitoring by providing real time pipeline pressure data.

Seatooth® WiPS is an integrated high-accuracy pressure sensor, wireless datalogger and easy-view LED display combined in one system. Fully user configurable and with up to 6 months (400,000 readings) of data storage, WiPS can measure pressures up to 700Bar at depths of up to 4,000m making it ideal for wireless monitoring of pipelines. Two additional inputs are available to accommodate extra sensors, expanding the system parameters for a wide range of SCADA applications. An ultra-high accuracy pressure sensor option is available to support Survey operations.

The wireless technology behind WiPS is Seatooth®. Based on subsea radio frequency (RF) technology, Seatooth® is a platform that has revolutionised control and communications applications in underwater environments. Available as a standalone modem or datalogger, a wireless connector or controller and can also be a wireless-enabler for design-in to other products. Seatooth® can transmit and receive data at high bandwidth through water and across ground/water/air boundaries. It is unique in that it is omnidirectional, and performs in the most adverse water conditions; for example, it is unaffected by turbidity, acoustic noise and biofouling, it operates reliably in shallow, congested or turbid waters, and is immune from multipath.

Costs of pipeline commissioning can be controlled with the deployment of WiPS, as the need to invest in physically retrieving instrumentation to access data is removed. Periodic pressure readings are collected by a wireless-enabled, hovering underwater vehicle up to 5 metres away, so no wet-mate connection needs to be made. The system can be interrogated whilst in operation, with no interruption to test or production, and with frequent collections can also feedback verification that a new system is functioning as it should.

“Our new systems come ready-integrated to eliminate any interoperability issues between Seatooth® and your sensor” states Ian Crowther, Sales & Marketing Director at WFS of the new solution. “This helps to gets a system up and running productively in the shortest space of time reducing both the cost and complexity of pipeline pre-commissioning”.

WFS will be at Offshore Europe 2013 next week in Aberdeen, stand 6A41 in the Deep Water Zone. Visitors can visit the stand to find out more about how WiPS can reduce the cost of pipeline commissioning and monitoring.

Press Release, September 02, 2013