WGP, TGS Wrap Up 2014 Barents Sea Survey

WGP Survey, in partnership with TGS Nopec AS, has completed 2014’s multi-client/proprietary survey of prospects in the Barents Sea region.

WGP, TGS Wrap Up 2014 Barents Sea Survey

The survey was conducted using the P-Cable system onboard the ‘Bergen Surveyor’, prior to the 23rd license round that is expected to be announced shortly.

The rapidly deployed P-Cable system, a short offset high resolution 3D towed streamer array with a 300 in 3 source and full QC and onboard processing, has enabled WGP to shoot in excess of 575 km2 in 4 months despite weather and seismic interference challenges.

Earlier this year, WGP Survey and TGS, the supplier of multi­client geoscience data products to the oil and gas industry, have executed a contract to collaborate on a project to jointly acquire and own multi­client seismic data on 10 survey blocks in the Barents Sea.

The project, was expected to mobilise in May 2014 and last up to six months. WGP Survey provided the Hi-res 3D P­Cable system and personnel, while TGS will provide sales and marketing services.

The cost of the project will be shared equally between TGS and WGP Survey, as will all income from data sales.

Further work is planned for 2015.

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