Photo: Courtesy of Woodside

Woodside, IHI, Marubeni to study green ammonia from Tasmania

Australia’s Woodside, Japanese IHI, and Marubeni have signed an agreement to investigate the production and export of green ammonia produced from hydrogen in Tasmania.

Woodside, IHI, Marubeni to study green ammonia from Tasmania
Courtesy of Woodside

Produced from green hydrogen, green ammonia is a zero-emission fuel that can be used to decarbonise coal-fired power production, among other applications.

The first stage of this “heads of agreement” involves deepening understanding of ammonia markets of Japan and Asia. This will be followed by technical and commercial evaluations.

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Green ammonia would be produced at a small-scale hydrogen electrolysis plant in the Bell Bay region of northeast Tasmania. The capacity of the proposed plant could eventually be scaled up to 250 megawatts to produce green hydrogen as feedstock for green ammonia exports.

Japan wants to take opportunities for green hydrogen and ammonia in order to deliver its target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The three international companies aim to continue building on the green ammonia supply chain between Australia and Japan.