Work begins on new radar system for wave energy applications

The development of a new radar system for wave and offshore wind energy applications as part of MORA project has begun with a kick-off meeting held earlier this week.

Funded by EU’s Eurostars program, MORA is a collaboration between Danish clean energy developer Floating Power Plant, the Norwegian radar specialist Triad and the Norwegian technology center Polytec.

MORA project, short for Model Interfaced Radar for Improved Operation and Control, aims to develop a technology that will increase the revenue of wave energy and offshore wind, and reduce risk and operational expenditure in all sea-state limited offshore operations.

The project, worth over €1.5 million, is scheduled to last for 24 months, according to Eurostars.

MORA project is expected to result in the delivery of a radar system that integrates a local seabed model giving high accuracy and real-time capability, and an algorithm for real-time load prediction and control.

Also, a model for real-time local calibration met-ocean forecasts, and a product/business plan refined under end-user supervision are planned to be created as part of the project.

To remind, Floating Power Plant has developed a hybrid technology that exploits both winds and waves to produce clean energy.

In 2016, the company formed partnership with DP Energy to to set up pilot demonstration projects featuring the hybrid device in Scotland and Wales.