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Another Gulf of Mexico win for Magseis Fairfield

Seabed seismic player Magseis Fairfield has secured a deepwater ocean bottom node (OBN) monitor survey in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Courtesy: Magseis Fairfield

The survey should start in Q1 2021 and run for approximately three months.

According to the company, the OBN study is for a repeat customer.

End-September this year, Magseis Fairfield announced a deepwater 4D baseline OBN survey also in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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For the purpose of this new project, the company will deploy its nodes by an ROV at 1,000-1,900 metres water depth.

Magseis Fairfield will mobilise the ZXPLR1 crew for this data acquisition contract.

“This contract ensures a continued backlog on our ZXPLR1 crew well into Q3 2021. The high-quality results and cost-efficient operations means the crew remains in demand even in a challenging market. Our clients will continue to execute key OBN seismic projects on their key assets,” says CEO Carel Hooijkaas.