Bornholm to become green fuel hub for 60,000 ships

Bornholm Bunker Hub, an international shipping consortium, has come one step closer to establishing a green bunkering station at Bornholm after conducting a feasibility study and is looking for partners and customers seeking to accelerate decarbonisation and refuel vessels with sustainable fuels.

Illustration; Photo by Port of Roenne

The consortium aims to enable the bunkering of sustainable fuels at the Port of Roenne by 2025, and in the long run, the plan is to supply green fuels, such as methanol and ammonia, to more than 60,000 ships that pass by Bornholm every year.

Over the past year, the consortium conducted a feasibility study of the financial potential of supplying sustainable fuels to the shipping industry in the Baltic Sea near Bornholm, potentially using local Power-to-X production of green fuels.

The consortium believes that local production of Power-to-X fuels could be an important part of implementing a competitive bunker hub and is achievable when the Energy Island at Bornholm is established around 2030 with at least 2 GW of offshore wind energy.

For the next step, Bornholm Bunker Hub partners and customers who want to take part in the realisation of the project and will engage potential customers in the Baltic Sea to identify their expected demands for sustainable fuels.

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Launched in 2021, the consortium behind the project comprises eight partners: Ørsted, Molslinjen, Topsoe, Bunker Holding Group, Wärtsilä, Ramboll, Bureau Veritas and Port of Roenne A/S.

Gijsbert de Jong, Marine chief executive of Nordics at Bureau Veritas, said: “During the initial phase, the Bornholm Bunker Hub consortium has demonstrated that collaboration between companies across the value chain can achieve real progress towards decarbonising shipping. In the second phase, we will be committed to supporting the practical realisation of the group’s ambition to supply alternative bunker fuel from Bornholm.”

Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Port of Roenne added: “We see that Bornholm Bunker Hub has huge potential when it comes to strengthening the Port of Roenne into an energy port focused on the green transformation and the bunkering of green fuels. Together with the other partners in the Bornholm Bunker Hub consortium, we hope to take advantage of Bornholm’s unique position in the Baltic Sea and generate growth for Denmark and Bornholm.”

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