Brazil: Petrobras Charters Siem Ruby AHTS

Brazil: Petrobras Charters Siem Ruby AHTS

Brazilian state-controlled company, Petrobras, has decided to charter one additional of Siem Offshore’s AHTS vessels, the “Siem Ruby”, for a firm period of four years.

Petrobras has an option to extend the charters for four additional years, upon terms to be mutually agreed. The contract value for the firm period is approximately USD 100 million. The vessel shall commence operations in Brazil latest within June 2012.

The vessel is a very large capacity Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel (AHTS) designed for towing and anchor handling, deep water inspection- and construction work, as well as to carry out regular supply and support duties for the offshore  industry world wide. The vessel is of clean design, comfort class, environmentally friendly and optimized for low fuel consumption through hybrid diesel electric- and mechanical arrangement.

Siem Offshore, a Norwegian company that has a history of approximately three decades of operations for the Brazilian offshore oil industry, was pleased with the contract: “Siem Offshore regard the contract for the additional AHTS vessel as an acknowledgment by Petrobras that Siem Offshore is positioned as a first class operator in Brazil, which is a targeted growth area for the Company.”

Back in 2010, Petrobras chartered four AHTS vessels from Siem Offshore, for a firm period of four years. The value of the contracts was estimated at USD 285 million in total.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, March 5, 2012; Image: Siem Offshore