Bureau Veritas Classes First Bangladesh-Built Ferry

Bureau Veritas Classes First Bangladesh-Built Ferry

Leading international classification society Bureau Veritas has classed the first passenger ferry built in Bangladesh for a Danish owner and operation in Danish waters.

The 147-passenger Isefjord was built by Western Marine Shipyard Limited in Chittagong, Bangladesh and delivered to Danish operator Hundested Rorvig Faergefart A/S in February. The vessel meets all Danish Maritime Authority requirements and will fly the Danish flag.

The vessel is a 51metres long double-ended ferry carrying 147 passengers and 28 vehicles. It is fully automated and can be operated from bridge with only two crew. It is fitted with two main propulsion systems, two remote control systems, two engine rooms and two sets of other essential machinery.

Propulsion and manoeuvring is by azimuth thrusters at both ends. An optimised hull design results in significantly improved propulsion efficiency through the water, while an ICCP and an ICAF system prevent hull corrosion and marine growth.


Bureau Veritas, March 4, 2013