C-Kore Provides PTTEP Australasia with Tools for Subsea Testing

C-Kore Systems has completed another campaign with PTTEP Australasia by supplying them with its C-Kore subsea testing tools.

The C-Kore tools, designed and built to speed up and simplify subsea testing, were used to fault-find electrical cables subsea. According to the company, the C-Kore units saved the customer a substantial amount of time with their repeatable results and streamlined reporting.

C-Kore is a subsea measurement tool used to test insulation resistance and confirm the integrity of subsea cables. It can be deployed remotely by ROV or diver.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore Systems, said: “It is satisfying to see our C-Kore units proving their worth to our customers. We are able to save them time and money on both fault finding and commissioning campaigns.”