China: XED Delivers Tuvalu 31M Double-Propeller Tug

XED Delivers Tuvalu 31M Double-Propeller Tug

The delivery of Tuvalu 31M double-propeller tug No.01 was completed on March 15, 2012.

The tug is double-engine, double-propeller, all the equipments can meet the work requirements of harbor operation, mooring, tugging, offshore operation, firefighting and et.

This vessel is class approved by BV, it’s in line with the requirement of unrestricted water and the standard of deep sea tug in BV I +HULL +MACH.

Vessel Particulars:

LENGTH (O.A.) – 31.00 m

LENGTH (B.P.) – 28.30 m

BREADTH (MLD.) – 10.00 m

DEPTH (MLD.) – 4.65 m


M.E – ZIBO(CHINA), LB6250ZLCZ-9, 2 set

M.C.R – 1103 KW (1500 hp) X 750 r/min

CLASS – BV I +HULL +MACH. Tug Deep Sea for Unrestricted Navigation

NAVIGATION AREA – Unrestricted

TRIAL SPEED 12.0 knots

ENDURANCE – 3000 n.miles.


Dredging Today Staff, March 22, 2012; Image: xed