CLdN becomes member of Maritime Battery Forum

Luxembourg-based shipping group CLdN has joined the Maritime Battery Forum, a global community of maritime battery enablers.

Courtesy of CLdN/Maritime Battery Forum

Founded in 1929, CLdN owns 30 ships and operates more than 200 sailings a week that provide shortsea connections between the European continent, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iberia and Scandinavia.

What is more, CLdN owns and operates five ports in Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK.

The company has been investigating and implementing alternative fuels and propulsion systems for its vessels. It has also explored different approaches to shore-to-ship power in its port operations. With the current advancement in battery technology, thus making it a viable alternative / complement for both marine and port applications, CLdN continues to assess the possibilities for the future.

For the past decade, CLdN has been investing in new, larger vessels that use alternative fuels and propulsion systems to drive down CO2 emissions. The latest vessels under construction will be equipped with two conventional main engines as well as two large shaft generators of 6 MW each, which can be used for generating power or for electric propulsion.

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In full electric mode, the ships will be able to achieve a cruising speed of 16-17 kn. The vessels, which will be delivered in 2025, have a high degree of flexibility allowing for a seamless integration of new fuels, fuel cells and/or battery technology in the future. Compared with the company’s largest vessels currently in operation, the new ships will further reduce CO2 emissions while having the same cargo capacity.​

Expanding the world of maritime batteries

By collaborating with battery suppliers in the MBF community, specific and more suitable technologies can be developed to suit ship owner-operator needs.

The MBF community provides a wealth of information and experience-based knowledge in battery technology, applications, safety, standardization, sustainability and even financing.

CLdN hopes to use this as an opportunity to learn from industry experts in the forum about the battery technology landscape, battery safety and general learning about maritime battery use. This knowledge will be useful in informing the company’s choices about possible future deployment of batteries in vessels and port operations, according to MBF.