CMB.TECH, Boeckmans order four hydrogen-ready cargo vessels

Belgium-based shipping and cleantech group CMB.TECH and compatriot maritime transportation firm Boeckmans have teamed up to order four future-proof hydrogen-ready, diesel-electric 5,000 dwt general cargo vessels.

CMB.TECH and Boeckmans

The collaboration aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the maritime industry.

As informed, the vessels will be built at the Dung Quat shipyard in Vietnam and deployed on major sea routes, including northern Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and West Africa, with the first ship scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2025.

The general cargo vessel, designed jointly with Handelskade, will contain diesel-electric engines placed under the ship’s forward accommodation. This configuration will make the stern available for pioneering propulsion systems, such as hydrogen. Other alternative low-carbon engines can be installed as well. In addition, there will be ample space available for storage of these alternative fuel sources.

“The ship’s primary design philosophy is to achieve lower emissions through hull shaping, innovative design and the application of the latest technologies. We succeeded in reducing emissions by 40% compared to traditional general cargo vessels in diesel mode. This can be reduced even further by implementing new sustainable propulsion systems and create storage space for fuels such as hydrogen. The ship’s diesel-electric configuration simplifies the integration of new systems into the power grid,” Pierre Durot, Director of Boeckmans, commented.

This partnership is said to demonstrate the commitment of both CMB.TECH and Boeckmans to promote sustainability in the maritime sector while providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions for global trade routes.

“Through our partnership with Boeckmans, we are once again breaking new ground in maritime sustainability. Our commitment to reducing emissions through the design of these cargo ships is a huge step forward. By embracing innovative propulsion systems such as hydrogen, we are not just building ships; we are working toward a greener future for global trade routes,” Alexander Saverys, CEO of CMB.TECH, said.

In related news, CMB.TECH recently partnered up with Dutch full-service provider of power solutions DBR to develop what is said to be the first dual-fuel hydrogen gensets for marine applications, aiming to accelerate the decarbonization of the maritime industry.

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