CMB.TECH, DBR to build dual-fuel H2 gensets for marine applications

Belgium-based shipping and cleantech company CMB.TECH and Dutch full-service provider of power solutions DBR have partnered up to develop what is said to be the first dual-fuel hydrogen gensets for marine applications, aiming to accelerate the decarbonization of the maritime industry.

Courtesy of CMB.TECH

DBR offers expertise in energy solutions for marine and offshore applications, while CMB.TECH focuses on designing and building large marine and industrial applications that run on hydrogen or green ammonia.

In this collaboration, DBR is said to be responsible for the construction and delivery of the dual-fuel hydrogen gensets, specifically designed for marine applications, and CMB.TECH will provide the hydrogen technology, including the necessary components.

According to CMB.TECH, the core of the dual-fuel hydrogen genset is formed by the MAN V12-24l engine, which has been used in previous collaborations between CMB.TECH and MAN Engines.

The genset has a maximum output of 940 kVA / 752 kWe at 60 Hz (1800 rpm) and can operate on diesel or in dual fuel mode where emission savings of up to 83% can be achieved. In a typical D2 duty cycle, 53% of diesel consumption and 12% of AdBlue consumption is said to be saved, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The genset is also available in 50 Hz (1500 rpm) which can deliver 822 kVA of power.

Damen Shipyards, a supplier of marine applications, ordered the first three hydrogen gensets that will be operated on Windcat’s CSOVs, CMB.TECH said, noting that the first vessel is already under construction at Damen Shipyards and the first dual-fuel hydrogen genset will be installed in a separate engine room in the first quarter of 2024.

Courtesy of CMB.TECH

The company also informed that the cooperation between CMB.TECH and DBR will continue to develop and expand, pointing out that these dual-fuel gensets will soon find their way to other ships and applications in the maritime industry.

“Decarbonizing onboard power generation is a first step in the race towards zero-emission shipping. As hybrid technologies are becoming more widely used, the presented dual-fuel hydrogen genset can be integrated easily and will be able to offer a flexible and future-proof platform to save emission in the maritime industry. Together with our partners, we are looking forward to rolling out this cost-efficient and robust solution on the CSOV fleet of Windcat,” Roy Campe, CTO CMB.TECH, stated.

Arwout Verwoerd, Sales Marine DBR, commented: “We find ourselves in a very exciting period in our business. The transition to alternative fuels is in full swing. In collaboration with CMB.TECH, we can offer a great solution that allows our maritime customers to reduce emissions tremendously in one fell swoop. And since the gensets can still operate 100% on diesel, the vessel can also be used when there is no hydrogen available at that moment.”