Conoship unveils eco-friendly diesel-electric cargo vessel

Maritime engineering company Conoship International Projects has developed an environmentally friendly diesel-electric propulsed 3600 dwt general cargo vessel, suited for sea-river operations.

General Cargo Vessel with diesel-electric propulsion (Source: Conoship)
General cargo vessel with diesel-electric propulsion (Source: Conoship)

The vessel, set to be considered the new standard for low-air draught sea-river coasters, marks the first series of six of these cargo vessels that will be constructed at Fosen Yard Emden in Germany, which received the order in December 2021.

According to Conoship, the vessel will be economical in terms of fuel consumption with its diesel-electric propulsion system and enlarged propeller in combination with a ConoDuctTail and optimised hull lines, especially in wind and waves.

Also, its performance will be enhanced with the design ready for wind-assisted propulsion, as it is prepared for the placement of two Econowind VentiFoils, which would reduce the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 10%, depending on the sailing route.

As described, the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) of the vessel as calculated as a diesel-driven vessel is already below the phase 3 requirements. Additionally, the concept design has taken into account a switch to future fuels such as liquid hydrogen or ammonia, the developer stated.

The project of building these 88-metre carriers was initiated by Conoship International Projects based on extensive market research, the company explained.

“Due to production-friendly construction principles, optimised logistics and increased series effects, the construction of these vessels can be carried out competitively at a variety of shipyards in North-Western Europe”.

Maarten Sickler, Director of Conoship International Projects, said: “We are very proud that this …fuel-efficient cargo vessel is developed according to our philosophy to build in series in the North of Europe”.

Commenting on the order, Carsten Stellamanns, managing director of Fosen Yard Emden, said that the order is intended to become a flagship project and attract other similar projects to the region.

The construction of this first series of six cargo vessels is planned for spring 2022, while the entire series is expected to be delivered in 2023.

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