VideoRay ROV

Depro, VideoRay team up on cost-effective ROVs

Depro and VideoRay have joined forces to develop field lighter and less expensive equipment for subsea operations down to 2,000 metres water depth, primarily in the oil and gas sector.


The partnership aims to expand the capabilities of oil and gas companies to inspect and clean their underwater assets.

VideoRay and Depro are working under the VideoRay Integrator program.

The program empowers partners to develop and customize mission specialist technology to meet specific customer missions.

Depro is also VideoRay’s first offshore oil and gas integration partner.

“We believe the collaboration will strengthen the companies’ position globally,” said Kåre Stokkeland, CEO of Depro.

“We have already sold the first ROV solution based on both technologies to a large customer.”

Furthermore, Stokkeland believes that the collaboration will result in new solutions that can challenge traditional ways of handling subsea operations.

In short, these solutions will be both simpler and more affordable for operators and service companies.

Scott Bentley, CEO of VideoRay, said: “Our new partnership with Depro will result in the development of submersibles that will not only be lighter and easier to use, but will also be far most cost effective.”

“In addition to the oil and gas industry, this collaboration will benefit other commercial and private customers.”