Photo: Illustration/DesignPro’s device deployed and moored to the riverbed (Image: DesignPro)

DesignPro Renewables targets fall for 60kW device testing

Irish start-up DesignPro Renewables has revealed plans to deploy its 60kW hydrokinetic device for testing in the third quarter of 2018, as it looks for suitable river test site to facilitate the endeavor.

The testing is said to be part of DesignPro Renewables’ Horizon 2020 project to commercialize small-scale hydrokinetic river devices.

According to the company, the project is well underway with the performance of the device already proven as the technology readiness reaches level 6 of the TRL chart – meaning the technology has been demonstrated in relevant environment.

Test site will need to be available to accommodate the device in the last quarter of 2018 for a minimum testing period of 3 months and will be required to assess environmental impact and operational testing across a range of relevant service parameters, DesignPro Renewables said.

The company has shifted testing plans for 60kW device from July 2018, as it was originally intended at the time when the SEENEOH tidal testing site in France was selected as a proving ground for the company’s smaller 25kW hydrokinetic unit.

The deadline to apply for the tender, published on etenders website, is May 31, 2018.

To remind, DesignPro Renewables parent company – DesignPro – secured €2.5 million through EU’s Horizon 2020 program back in March 2017.

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