Photo: Dive Technologies’ large displacement AUV (Courtesy of Dive Technologies)

Dive Technologies and Metron team up for subsea surveys

Boston-based subsea robotics company Dive Technologies has entered into commercial partnership with Metron to offer fully autonomous seabed surveys.

Photo of Dive Technologies’ large displacement AUV (Courtesy of Dive Technologies)
Dive Technologies’ large displacement AUV (Courtesy of Dive Technologies)

The partnership will directly support the commercialization of Metron’s Autonomy, Navigation, Command & Control (ANCC) software suite on Dive Technologies’ large displacement autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), the DIVE-LD.

According to the partners, the initial sea testing of the DIVE-LD with ANCC software was completed in December 2020.

Bill Lebo, Co-Founder of Dive Technologies, said: “Metron’s ANCC suite is a critical enabler to the DIVE-LD’s success in long duration survey missions for our offshore oil and gas and wind customers where unplanned contingencies occur and mission failure is not an option.

“We’re excited to bring this partnership to life this spring as we embark on our first commercial survey jobs off the east coast”.

Metron’s advanced autonomy software system is based on nearly a decade of research and development focused on enabling long-duration underwater missions in complex and dynamic environments.

Van Gurley, CEO of Metron, added: “Our capabilities for advanced, onboard decision-making combined with the DIVE-LD’s endurance and low cost creates a unique capability for clients. Our systems provide for the autonomous decision-making and dynamic onboard mission replanning that is necessary for reliable, long duration operations where mission failure would be costly and human intervention not always possible”.