DOF Subsea Inks Charter Contract for ‘ROSS Candies’

DOF Subsea has entered into an agreement with Otto Candies for the charter of the Jones Act compliant vessel ROSS Candies for a firm period of one year.

DOF Subsea Inks Charter Contract for 'ROSS Candies'2

The charter period commenced mid-March 2014, with the intent to utilize the vessel to support operations for existing North American clients in the GOM.

Upon the completion of the ROV and Survey spread mobilization, the Ross Candies is committed to undertake some light construction and IMR projects for different clients, as a replacement vessel for the Harvey Deep-Sea which is now committed for the next 5 months.

In addition, DOF Subsea Survey and Positioning has been awarded a Master Service Agreement extension of 2 years with Seaway Heavy Lifting for the provision of positioning services onboard its Stanislav Yudin and Oleg Strashnov crane vessels.

The estimated combined value of the contracts entered into in North America and S&P, including options, is about NOK 100 million.


DOF Subsea, March 20, 2014; Image: Otto Candies

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