Concept for Symphony Wave Power device (Courtesy of Symphony Wave Power)

Dutch wave energy company submits application for EU project subsidy

Dutch-based company Symphony Wave Power has submitted an application for EU subsidy, that would be used for the development of wave energy project offshore the Netherlands.

Concept for Symphony Wave Power device (Courtesy of Symphony Wave Power)
Concept for Symphony Wave Power device (Courtesy of Symphony Wave Power)
Concept for Symphony Wave Power device (Courtesy of Symphony Wave Power)

The project plan, developed by Teamwork Technology in collaboration with Harsveld, has been submitted to the EU’s program for climate neutrality in the Netherlands, called Just Transition Fund (JTF) IJmond.

The JTF IJmond is a collaboration between the municipalities of Beverwijk, Castricum, Heemskerk, Velsen, Uitgeest and the Province of North Holland , carried out by the Omgevingsdienst IJmond.

Together with relevant stakeholders, they have drawn up a regional energy transition plan, with €58.5 million is available for the Dutch IJmond region.

The announcement follows the visit of JTF’s Regional Steering Committee to Harsveld last week, which also works on the development of the 100kW Symphony Wave Power device, that can also be combined with solar energy.

According to Symphony Wave Power, the JTF committee has already given a positive advice to the the subsidy project plan, with the JTF Kansen voor West program office now testing and assessing the plan’s financial and legal feasibility.

Symphony Wave Power’s JTF subsidy application includes the development of an E-box, the software and communication from shore.

A control room at Techport and the training of employees have also been included in a subsequent project, with Harsveld and Techport seeking cooperation with that application, as there is currently a major knowledge gap in the field of offshore electronics.

In addition, discussions are underway with organizations in Texel where work is being done on the implementation of the Symphony Wave Power project, which could be a major factor in the energy supply of islands and coastal areas.

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Furthermore, the director of Teamwork Technology, Fred Gardner, also called for the preservation of the cables of the Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farm, which will be demolished in two years.

According to Gardner, the cables have a lifespan of 70 years and can be used by Symphony Wave Power, among others.

Being developed by Teamwork Technology, the Symphony Wave Power device is a point absorbing wave energy system that converts the wave motion below the surface of the water into an internal water pressure, which drives an innovative turbine for the production of electricity.

The development of the device has also been supported by the ENCORE project.

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