Photo: Atlantic Guardian; Courtesy: EMGS

EMGS wins Gulf of Mexico survey

EMGS has received a letter of award for 3D CSEM and magnetotelluric multi-client survey in the Gulf of Mexico.

The letter of award comes from one of the EMGS’ existing clients and also represents the first project for this customer in the Gulf of Mexico.

Norwegian geophysical services company expects that final contract execution will take place within the next several weeks.

For the purpose of the project, EMGS will mobilise the vessel Atlantic Guardian.

EMGS expects the survey to take one to two months, commencing late Q1 2021.

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In October this year, Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG) and EMGS teamed up to promote the use of marine CSEM technology.

Specifically, they will look to exploit the synergies between OFG’s towed-streamer CSEM system and EMGS’ sea-bottom CSEM/MT nodal system.