EPS and Yinson GreenTech join forces on electric vessel trials in Singapore

Yinson GreenTech (YGT), a Singapore-based green technology solutions provider, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with compatriot shipping company Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) to work together on electric vessel deployments in Singapore.

Courtesy of EPS

This collaboration, spearheaded by YGT’s marine electrification business, marinEV, is said to mark a significant step towards cleaner and more sustainable maritime operations in Singapore.

As informed, the duo will be pioneering electric vessel deployments. marinEV and EPS aim to be at the forefront of maritime history by jointly facilitating the first cargo delivery using an electric vessel within the Port of Singapore. This aligns with both companies’ commitment to environmental responsibility and demonstrates their dedication to creating a net zero world, the parties said.

What is more, the partners will collaborate on the first crew transfer conducted by an electric vessel in Singapore, recognizing the critical role of crew transfers in maritime operations. This trial will provide valuable data on the feasibility, efficiency, and safety of electric vessels for crew transportation, paving the way for wider industry adoption.

Building upon their commitment to sustainability, marinEV will enter into a collaborative agreement with EPS to integrate electric vessels into last-mile delivery operations, significantly reducing Scope 3 emissions and contributing to a cleaner shipping industry.

Courtesy of EPS

By jointly defining ambitious emission reduction goals, marinEV and EPS intend to work together to create a more sustainable future for maritime transportation.

“At Yinson GreenTech, we believe that collaboration is key to unlocking a cleaner future for our oceans. Our partnership with Eastern Pacific Shipping on these groundbreaking electric vessel deployments in Singapore signifies a major leap forward,” Jan-Viggo Johansen, Managing Director of marinEV, commented.

“Together, we are not only making history but also paving the way for a future where clean and efficient transportation solutions become the norm. This is an exciting moment for us, and we are committed to working closely with EPS, our existing partners and other industry leaders to achieve a truly sustainable maritime landscape.”

“It is heartening to see like-minded partners in the industry adopt the ‘act now’ approach like us, taking action and exploring innovative solutions on all fronts,” Cyril Ducau, Chief Executive Officer of EPS, said.

“This collaboration with Yinson GreenTech not only offers a greener transportation alternative, it also builds on the industry’s collective commitment to accelerate the decarbonisation of shipping. We don’t do things because they are easy. We do it because they are difficult so that we leave no stones unturned in our efforts to decarbonise.”

In November last year, the Goal Zero Consortium whose member is Yinson GreenTech launched Singapore’s first fully electric cargo vessel, the Hydromover.

The lightweight, 18.5-meter vessel is equipped with swappable batteries, allowing it to transport up to 25 tonnes of cargo. Being all-electric, the ship has zero emissions and targets to achieve up to 50% operational cost savings due to improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. Its battery, when depleted, can be swapped within minutes to minimize operational downtime.

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