Fugro’s ROV Training Camp Delivers Its First Female Pilot

Fugro’s ROV training camp has seen its first female trainee graduate at the top of her class after a hands-on 4-week course.

Magdalena Gos, who graduated at the Polish Naval Academy, worked on a naval vessel and then moved to the merchant fleet, where she gained eight years experience in marine and seismic work.

“It’s rare to see women working in the ROV industry,” says training manager, Darren Walley. “Magdalena worked very hard and she has the drive and ambition to go far. Her constant desire for perfection will undoubtedly lead her to success.”

The course takes place at purpose-built facilities in Abu Dhabi, and combines hands-on experience with structured studies.

“The main responsibility of an ROV pilot is remotely navigating the vehicle, in up to 4,000 m of water, while operating the equipment to complete tasks,” explains Magdalena. “An ROV is used to explore the seabed, to repair or inspect underwater structures and equipment, and for tasks such as picking up items or recording information on video.” 

Source: Fugro