Germany: Hansa Shipping Places Order for 30 INTERSCHALT’s TROP Modules

Hansa Shipping Places Order for 30 INTERSCHALT's TROP Modules

Hansa Shipping has successfully been using INTERSCHALT’s MACS3 loading computer for its own container fleet for several years now.

In order for the shipping company to be able to operate its vessels even more efficiently, Managing Director Pieter Mackeprang has opted for a system upgrade to improve efficiency. As a result, the General Manager for technical and nautical issues at Hansa Shipping has placed an order for 30 TROP modules for the loading computer.

INTERSCHALT’s TROP software optimizes trim with regards to the current loading condition and main engine power. As an integrated module of the MACS3 loading computer, it ensures best possible ballast distribution, whereby extreme demands are made in terms of fuel efficiency and safety alongside vessel stability.

Combining the loading computer with a sophisticated module for improving efficiency by optimizing trim is another step in the right direction to being able to offer a modern, energy-efficient fleet to our charterers. Our vessels are equipped with state-ofthe-art software technology. With TROP, every customer can optimize trim easily and hence save fuel and money“, says Managing Director Peter Mackeprang on the acquisition of the system upgrade, which will be used by Hansa Shipping on vessels ranging from 2,500 and 6,500 TEU.

Interschalt, September 26, 2013

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